What We Do

provides grants-in-aid for researches which would hone the research expertise of the individual scientist and his/her staff;

Serves, through its membership, as a repository of scientific expertise in all branches, acting as a representative multi-disciplinary community;

Cooperates in scientific ventures with national and international agencies to address problems and issues of national consequences; conduct evaluative review enabling scientists and researchers to expound on their works while interacting with their peers for their growth and maturity as professionals; adopts an enlightened and active advocacy role in policy evaluation and formulation;

Publishes the promising research outputs through NRCP Research Journal and maintains scientific library.

Enhances and strengthens linkages among local, and international research institutions for closer cooperation and sharing of information and expertise for national development; and

Disseminates popularized S&T information materials which demonstrate the suitability of technological innovations under local conditions, further strengthening the S&T information outreach program in the country.