This print materials is one of the two parts of the Philippine Research Breakthroughs: A Compendium of NRCP Basic Researches – a collection of 1,088 abstracts of basic researches, spread over the 12 different fields of knowledge, undertaken from 1935 to 2000 by bonafide researchers, scientists, and technologiet who are members of the National Research Council of the Philippines.

This part includes the abstracts of basic researches from Division I (Governmental, Educational and International Policies) Division II (Mathematical Sciences), and Division III (Medical Sciences). Part II includes the abstracts of basic researches from Divisions IV – XII. (yet to be published).

This serves as the Council’s contribution to the promotion and enhancement of basic researches in the country. The Congressional Initiative Allocation of Senator Ramon B. Magsaysay, Jr. made the publication of this material possible.

Copies of this publication are available at the NRCP Scientific Library.