The National Research Council of the Philippines (NRCP) recognized nine (9) top performing students who enrolled in its online science class program last year, the Back to Basic (B2B).  Their recognition ceremony was held as part of the celebration the 89th Founding Anniversary of the NRCP at the Bayleaf Hotel Intramuros on December 5, 2022.  This B2B season was comprised of seven (7) lessons on Climate Change that were carried out last October and November 2022.

The B2B top performers are among the 60 Grade 10 students from Paranaque National High School (PNHS), La Huerta National High School (LHNHS), and Army’s Angels Integrated School (AAIS).

The said learning institutions were selected to enroll a class of 20 students each for analyzing and measuring the impacts of the B2B science lessons on climate change, i.e., how this science teaching platform affected the students’ knowledge, appreciation, and perception of the science lessons as one of the subjects of their curriculum.

 The Top 3 from PNHS


Mr. Jhon Christopher Echano hoped that the B2B online science class program will continue.  “I did not only easily learn the concepts and theories, but I was also entertained.” he said.

Likewise, he extended his appreciation to the NRCP and B2B program handlers for a wonderful learning experience.

The Top 3 from LHNHS


When asked how she felt as one of the students of the B2B online science class program, Ms. Rhian Marie Rodriguez said that she will definitely recommend it to her friends because it made learning science easier and more engaging.

“The professors and facilitators, who are experts from the NRCP, were all warm and friendly. They are open to questions, and discussed the topics with ease and credibility. They know what they are teaching and that made my learning easier and appropriate to my everyday life,” Rodriguez added.

She also wished to have face-to-face B2B science lessons so they can personally interact with the NRCP experts, researchers, and scientists.


Ms. Darlyn Jessa Dirranggoin observed that B2B online science lessons program is held in a fast-paced but more interesting environment with new and interesting ideas and concepts which are very easy to understand.

“B2B online science class program presented many science concepts and ideas in just one online lecture filled with animation and infographics.” said Dirraggoin.

Aside from certificates of excellence, the top performing students received learning lesson tablets containing all the science lessons of B2B seasons 1 to 3.  NRCP encouraged them to share the science lessons to their brothers, sisters, friends, and to their parents as well.

The top performing students were selected based on their attendance, results of quizzes, and the comprehensive examination.

Written by: Jenny Leigh A. Daquioag