Dr. Ramon A. Razal is Professor 12 in the Dept. of Forest Products and Paper Science (FPPS) of the UPLB College of Forestry and Natural Resources (CFNR), where he teaches Wood Chemistry, Non-Timber Forest Products, and many other courses. He was also recently named UP Scientist 2 for 2015-17. He is married to the former Mildred M. Burgos with whom he has four children namely Raian, Reana, Rinna and Rozel.

Dr. Razal was Dean of the UPLB CFNR from January 2002 until January 2008. Prior to becoming dean, he served as CFNR Associate Dean, Director of Training Center for Tropical Resources and Ecosystems Sustainability (TREES), and Chair of the Department of Wood Science and Technology (WST). During his term as Dean, the Philippine Forestry Education Network (PFEN) was organized and the former Philippine Forest Research Society was revitalized to become the Forests and Natural Resources Research Society of the Philippines (FORESPI). It was also during his stint as dean that the Master of Science in Natural Resources Conservation was instituted as a new graduate degree program in UPLB.

He graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Forest Products Engineering (cum laude) from UPLB in 1978. He obtained the Masters of Science in Forestry (major in Wood Science and Technology) in 1983 also from UPLB and the PhD degree in Forestry and Forest Products from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in 1990. Among his non-academic involvements include serving as President of the Gamma Sigma Delta Honor Society of Agriculture UPLB Chapter in 2011-2012, Honorary Member of the Society of Filipino Foresters, Inc. (SFF) since 2005, member of the Board of Trustees of the Non-Timber Forest Products Exchange Programme since 2011, and 2015 President of the Kapisanang Kimika ng Pilipinas - Southern Tagalog (KKP-ST).

He was project leader of the Integrated UPLB Program on Non-Timber Forest Products where he was involved in the study on NTFP policies. He authored along with Dr. Armando Palijon, the 2009 book entitled “Non-Wood Forest Products of the Philippines” and in 2012, was senior author of the book “Mainstreaming Engineered-Bamboo Products for Furniture and Construction He recently completed the “Scoping Study on Cutting-Edge Technology and Strategic Knowledge on NTFPs for the Green Economy” and the “AEC Impact Study on Social Forestry and Forest Products Trade.” Currently, he is the project leader of the DOST-PCIERD project on forest products nanotechnology which seeks to use bamboo cellulosic nanocrystals for a variety of novel applications. He has published a number of articles for which he received the UP International Publication Awards and several of his works are cited by other researchers in the field. In extension, he served as Coordinator and Resource Person for the thrice-offered (2013-2015), PCAARRD-sponsored “Training-Workshop on Sustainable Small and Medium-Scale Bamboo Enterprises for the Green Economy.”  He is a member of the Department of Trade and Industry-Bureau of Product Standards Technical Committee on Bamboo and Rattan.

His other awards include several UP professorial chairs, the 1998 UPLB Most Outstanding Teacher Award in the Physical Sciences, the 1999 KKP-ST Achievement Award in Teaching, the 2008 Mancono Award given by the CFNRAA Alumni Association, the 2008 UPLB Outstanding Alumnus Award, the PCAARRD Scholars Association Instruction Award in 2008, and the FORESPI Most Outstanding Scientist in Forest Utilization Research in 2010.

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