DOST I, NRCP, and LGU of Burgos, La Union vow to Bring Science Closer to Communities

Immersed in the captivating lore of tikbalang, the legendary horse-headed beings, and their enchanting weddings, while the sky is in radiant sunshine and rainstorms, we embrace our Filipino identity. Yet, we also recognize the importance of evidence-based explanations for natural phenomena. Do these atmospheric marvels come from climate change, shifting winds, or a result of existing dust particles?

On May 24, 2023, the National Research Council of the Philippines, in collaboration with the esteemed Department of Science and Technology Regional Office No. 1 and the Local Government Unit of Burgos, La Union, establish themselves as pioneers in fostering a culture of scientific progress within the said region and municipality. This alliance takes shape through the implementation of the DOST-GIA Project, “Bridging the Utilization of R&D Results through Awareness and Dissemination for Community Empowerment through Science and Technology” or BURDA for CEST.

During his commitment speech, the esteemed Honorable Delfin Comedis, Jr., Mayor of LGU-Burgos, expressed his profound appreciation for the invaluable interventions provided by the DOST within the municipality. He then pledged to strengthen the dissemination of BURDA for CEST videos and extending unwavering support to capacity-building initiatives for barangay officials and municipal personnel. The objective of this training is to enhance their mastery of science popularization and maximize the utilization of knowledge products.

Similarly, the Officer-in-Charge of DOST Region I, Engr. Teresita A. Tabaog, emphasized the unwavering commitment of the regional team to propagate the knowledge products throughout the region. She also vowed to conduct comprehensive training sessions on BURDA for CEST to foster seamless integration of scientific insights into our society.

Consequently, Dr. Bernardo N. Sepeda, the esteemed Executive Director of NRCP, underlined the Council’s dedication to providing BURDA for CEST knowledge products, along with the provision of key informants and researchers for the rollout. Dr. Sepeda also mentioned conducting extensive training programs on science popularization and effective utilization of knowledge products, actively promoting collaboration across diverse sectors.

“With these resilient pillars firmly in place, we shall unlock the limitless potential of our groundbreaking research endeavors, elevating our nation’s scientific landscape and inspiring countless generations to come,” Dr. Sepeda proclaimed.

Meanwhile, the dynamic National Coordinator for CEST and Regional Director, Engr. Ernesto M. Granada, alongside the brilliant former Executive Director of NRCP and BRITER Program Leader, Dr. Marieta Banez-Sumagaysay, stood firm in their belief that the MOA signing for BURDA for CEST will serve as a catalyst, propelling the transformation of science culture in the Philippines.

During the program, knowledge products were also endorsed to the region and LGU.

Following the momentous MOA signing and turnover, NRCP, DOST I, and LGU of Burgos embark on an awe-inspiring rollout of BURDA for CEST videos in the captivating municipality of Burgos, La Union last May 25, 2023. These popularized videos focused on discussing underutilized crops, teenage pregnancy, and disaster resilience, as well as the insidious threat of parasite contamination in a story-like approach. Ten (10) females and seven (7) males participated in the said rollout from the various barangays in Burgos.

Dr. Amparo D. Wagan, an NRCP Associate Member of the Division of Agriculture and Forestry, and a University Extension Specialist III from the College of Agriculture and Food Science at the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB), Mr. Kim Louisse Patagnan, University Research Associate from the Institute of Biological Sciences at UPLB, and Dr. Gloria Luz M. Nelson, an esteemed NRCP Regular Member of the Social Sciences Division, a retired Professor of Sociology at the Department of Social Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences, UPLB, and Lecturer at UP Open University, graced the event as key informants.- 

Written By: Regine Pustadan, Information Officer II.