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The NRCP annually gives recognition to individuals and institutions who attained excellent performance in their respective fields. The awards include:

  1. NRCP Achievement Award is given to Regular Members in recognition of their outstanding contributions.
  2. Member Emeritus is given to senior members of the Council who are recognized for their exemplary contributions to the NRCP and inspiring budding scientists to do more research.
  3. Service Award is given to outgoing members of the NRCP Governing Board and members of the NRCP Staff, for their inspiring leadership and/or dedicated service to the Council.
  4. Award for Outstanding Institution is given to institutions or agencies in recognition of their dedicated support and/or significant contribution to the growth and development of basic sciences and humanities in the country.
  5. Dr. Eusebio Y. Garcia Award is given to all Filipino scientists who reside in the country and whose researches contribute in the development and advancement of molecular biology and molecular pathology in the country.
  6. Award of Distinction is given to NRCP members in recognition of their significant and outstanding contributions to scientific research and discovery and/or dedicated and distinguished service to the science community in the country, as active members during the preceding year.
  7. Special Awards. Any award that does not fall in any of the six other awards, such as Expatriate Awards given in recognition of scientists abroad who are Filipino citizens and members of the Council who are not necessarily active but have made outstanding contributions to scientific research, invention and discovery or distinguished service to the scientific community; or Award of Recognition to Public Officials, who have gained achievements in administration and government service; among others.

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