The members of the Division of Chemical Sciences are active and competent researchers in academic, government and industrial laboratories. They have undergone extensive training in their field of specialization, with almost all possessing advanced academic degrees (M.S. or Ph.D.). All of the members are publishing research papers in local and international scientific journals and presenting their works in scientific conferences, here and overseas.


The division envisions itself in the next five years to be an organization of world-class researchers, who are highly respected by their peers overseas. Its members are contributing actively to chemical knowledge and to chemical technology through scientific publications and patents. They play an active role in community issues involving chemistry, such as the protection of the environment, food safety and public health.

The division provides valuable comments and opinions in national programs wherein chemistry is involved. It is an important force in the national effort towards prominence in the international economic market.


The Division of Chemical Sciences recommends to the Governing Board the approval of proposals for research projects which are oriented towards basic studies in chemistry. These proposals would normally not be within the priority of other DOST research councils. However, these projects possess the potential of making a significant contribution to chemical knowledge and hopefully would find practical application.

Several projects have been funded which involved studies on natural products from plant materials, environmental chemistry, food chemistry, biochemistry and material science.

The phytochemical investigations yielded information on the chemical substances responsible for the biological activity of some Philippine plants.

Studies on the environment revealed the quality of local environmental system, especially our water systems, and provided baseline data for decision making and problem solving.

A number of work has been carried out on the search of new and useful materials from microbial system and from plant products.

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