Division of Humanities is made up of members of various educational levels, from the Baccalaureate to the Doctoral level. Members have various competencies in the home field of humanities.

Aside from their research works, most of the members, who are either directors or deans, are also members of other professional organizations.


This division aspires for a more cohesive work relationship not only among its members, but to other Divisions of the Council, in order to work concretely on the enhancement humanities in the enhancement of arts and culture and define their roles in the different fields of social and hard sciences.

Program of priorities are also drawn up to serve the dynamic role in the projected scientific efforts of the Council.

The objectives set up are:

  1. to develop a sense of genuine identity, with pride in the Philippine culture;
  2. to encourage, inspire, and morally and materially support Filipino artists;
  3. to develop, through researches, indigenous music of the various ethno-linguistic group and folk literature of various regions of the country;
  4. to preserve, by documentation and actual performance, the music of the entho-linguis groups; and
  5. to set up the proper machinery for the dissemination of the regional literature of country.


This Division approves project proposals that primarily act on: (a) retrieval and recording of the cultural heritage of the Filipinos; and (b) assessment of the role of humanities in the preservation and promotion of Filipino social and national values.

Likewise, this Division supports project proposals that aim at: (a) increasing awareness of the Filipinos in the richness of Philippine cultural heritage; and (b) revitalizing the humanities in the country.

Research on Philippine Folk Culture and Literature, creative ethnicity and the visual arts not only reveals the indigenous skills of the Filipino but also extracted from the folk literature the Filipino system of values and attitudes.
-- Dr. Alejandro P. Casambre --

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