The Division of Medical Sciences is composed of 165 regular and 122 associate members. The members have degrees in medicine, dentistry, and public health. Majority of these members posses graduate degrees (Masteral or Doctoral) or postgraduate training and fellowships in their specialties as well as in Medical Education. Majority of these members are connected with the academe as teachers and researchers in universities and government institutions such as the Department of Health and various medical specially institutions. In addition, many of them are clinical practitioners. Both by training and experience, the members are highly competent scientists and researchers.


The Medical Division aims to stimulate research and development in medicine, dentistry, public health, and undergraduate and graduate education in these fields.

The Division is committed to:

  1. Encourage and support basic research which will identify the prevention, control and treatment of various medical conditions in the country
  2. Study the public health aspects of different local health problems
  3. support research on various technologies in medical research which are relevant to the Philippine situation Improve the control and prevention of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in the concerti
  4. Encourage research in herbal medicine
  5. Encourage disciplinary research which will address important specific health problems such as pollutants toxins and other harmful environment factors
  6. Support projects which will have an impact on the national health policies
  7. Participate in the solution to the country’s health problems by disseminating information on the prevention and control of common health problems
  8. Encourage research on how to improve undergraduate and graduate education so as to make them relevant to the needs of the country.

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