The Division of Biological Sciences is interdisciplinary and is composed of members with academic degrees in Pharmacy, Botany Chemistry, Pharmacology.


From the beginning, the Division has sought to bring excellence in science to the resolution of biological problems. Today this tradition of excellence continues with the present members contributing relevant skills and expertise through research and training in all the major fields of biology.

Before the turn of the next millennium, the Division seeks to promote joint initiatives in research and other areas with institutions, both local and abroad, supportive of agriculture, forestry, and the development of economically viable systems for sustainable management of the environment.


  1.     International Foundation for Science (IFS)
  2.     International Council for Scientific Unions (ICSU)
  3.     Committee on Science and Technology in Developing Countries and International Biosciences Network (COSTED-IBN)
  4.     Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment (SCOPE)
  5.     German Research Society


  1.     All Colleges and Universities
  2.     Other research Institutions

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