The Division of Physics has about 65 members. Thirty five members have Ph.D. or equivalent qualifications. The rest either possess a masters or baccalaureate degree. Of these numbers, 24 are regular members and 41 are associate members. Majority of the members are young physicists affiliated with academic institutions. Some are connected with government agencies and private industries. They constitute the Philippine physics community with strong international linkages both at individual and institutional levels.


The Division supports research projects in basic physics not normally granted by other sectoral planning councils of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST). The R&D grants are essentially for operational expenses. The Division also sponsors the annual congress of the Philippine Physics Society which serves as the forum of disseminating research and development (R&D) results done locally. Members serve in various capacities as consultants, resource persons, committee members or technical panelists of the DOST and other government agencies. The expert assistance provided by the members help formulate policy directions for advanced science and technology (S&T) R & D and manpower development programs. The Division also aims to take a more visible and audible stance in public advocacy for S & T concerns.


  1. Novel programs and projects in physics not normally covered under the other sectoral planning councils of DOST.
  2. Policy issues on S&T concerns.

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