Awards are a celebration of talent, success and achievement. To give recognition to NRCP members who achieved outstanding performance and contributions to their respective fields, the National Research Council of the Philippines opens its doors for nominations for the 2022 NRCP Awards.   The NRCP Awards has three categories:

The NRCP Achievement Award, which is the highest recognition given by the Council to its members for their notable achievements in the fields of natural sciences, health sciences, engineering, industry, social sciences, humanities or other human endeavors.

The Member Emeritus is given to senior members of the Council who are recognized for their exemplary contributions to the Council and for mentoring younger scientists and researchers.

The Award for Outstanding Institution is given to institutions that have dedicated support and initiatives that led to the advancement of basic sciences, the humanities and the arts in the country

The awards are based on the evaluation of the productivity and quality of scholarly work of Members and are meant to inspire excellence among young academics, researchers, artists and scientists in their chosen fields.

Active Regular Members of NRCP are eligible to nominate and be nominated. The nominator must belong in the same Division as the nominee. Honorees are conferred and recognized during NRCP’s Annual General Membership Assembly in March 2023.

The complete guidelines for NRCP Awards guidelines can be accessed online at: 

Online submission of nominations run from September 6, 2022 to October 1, 2022; 5:00 PM via

Since its inception in 1979, the NRCP conferred a total of 440 Achievement Awardees, 19 Member Emeritus, and 17 Outstanding Institutions (Ledger Clemente, NRCP).

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