Two monographs published by the National Research Council of the Philippines (NRCP) were granted copyright by the National Library of the Philippines last February 22, 2018.

The monographs entitled “Do Fishes Want Sex Change” authored by Dr. Michelle V. Paraso and “Fish Parasites as Heavy Metal Absorbents” by Dr. Vachel Gay V. Paller were derived thru their NRCP-funded researches in support to the goal of restoring the environmental integrity of Philippine Lakes. The projects are part of priority projects under  SAKLAW or Saklolo sa Lawa of NRCP’s National Integrated Basic Research Agenda or NIBRA.

Copyright provides benefits in the form of economic and moral rights which allows the authors to derive financial reward such as making copies, performing in public, broadcasting, use online, etc. The term of protection given to the copyrighted monographs covers the lifetime of the author and fifty (50) years after death.

Researchers Paraso and Paller specifically used Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio Linnaeus; locally called as Karpa) and Tilapia or fish parasite (Acanthogyrus sp., commonly called puting bulate) as biomarkers of estrogenic pollutants in Laguna Lake and heavy metal pollutants in seven lakes of San Pablo City, respectively. Biomarker refers to any of biochemical, cellular, histological or physiological changes in fluids, cells or tissues of the body resulting from exposure to environmental chemicals.

In the earlier study of Dr. Paraso where Laguna Lake has been detected to have high estrogenic pollutants, the Karpa biomarker was found to have higher protein in their plasma, the reproductive index was decreased, and lesions were found in their testicular tissue which resulted to reproductive impairment.

The study of Dr. Paller further states that puting bulate has an important effect on the life and interactions of other living forms in the aquatic environment. Moreover, the use of puting bulate as biomarker helps in monitoring and maintaining the quality of fresh waters as they are absorbent and capable of reducing heavy metal pollution.

The NRCP fully supports the implementation of scientific studies that will identify biomarkers of pollutants that contaminate the Philippine freshwater systems.

The monographs will be launched during NRCP’s 85th General Membership Assembly and Annual Scientific Conference on March 14, 2018, at The Philippine International Convention Center, Pasay City. If interested to have a copy of the monographs, please call NRCP’s Information Dissemination Section at telephone nos: 837-61-41.