NRCP clients and stakeholders needing experts for various forms of knowledge and consultancy services may now submit their requests to NRCP through its NRCP Expert Engagement Program online platform (NEEP Online).

Through the NEEP Online, institutions’ needs for seasoned NRCP member-experts and researchers who can be engaged as resource speakers, S&T consultants, trainers, publication reviewers, proposal evaluators, and technical advisers on Congress and Senate bills, can now be catered to in just three to four days upon receipt of requests.

Upon accessing this link:, a client or a stakeholder must click “sign up” to accomplish the Register Form and create an account. The NRCP Membership Information System (MemIS Admin) automatically sends an email for account activation. Once the account is activated, s/he can log in by clicking the “NRCP Expert Engagement” in the Dashboard and fill in the request form.  The services on NEEP Online are currently limited to institutional requests.

In recent months, NRCP has received from various agencies and universities requests for experts who could help them evaluate research proposals, serve as webinar speakers, capacitate their researchers through training and workshops, review in-house publications and provide expert comments on House bills.

To date, NRCP has over 4800 experts whose specializations spanning across fields of natural and physical sciences, education, social sciences, and the humanities.  NRCP being a collegial body is mandated through Act No. 4120 “to serve as advisory and consultative body to government policymakers in matters relating to science and technology and to provide a forum for the discussion and formulation of scientific plans and policies.”