NRCP Map Orientation

 The National Research Council of the Philippines will hold a series of MAP (Membership and Application Procedures) Orientations for 2022. Budding researchers that are actively engaged in S&T activities, innovations, and creative works are invited to attend any of the four MAP Orientation events this year: March 25, June 22, September 23, and November 25. The MAP Orientation will provide an opportunity for researchers to learn about the NRCP and how NRCP membership can help advance their research career through the benefits, responsibilities, and opportunities that come with being an NRCP Member.

In a 2020 Membership survey[1] that was conducted through the NRCP Scientific Knowledge Management System, it was shown that colleague referrals and/or recommendations together with official NRCP channels (NRCP website and Research Pod) were the most prominent ways of promoting NRCP Membership to aspiring members. The MAP Orientations are hoped to bring in more talents to the Council’s pool of member-researchers, scientists, engineers and artists distributed across the country.

Benefits and privileges that come with being an NRCP Member include: funding for research and development projects, master's thesis and doctoral dissertation manuscript grants, expert engagement, and other opportunities for professional development. The Council also provides recognition annually to individuals and institutions who attained excellent performance in their respective fields. For more information regarding the membership criteria and qualifications, you may access this link: (Ledger Clemente, NRCP)

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