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As part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution coined by Klaus Schwab, the effects of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in entertainment, health, and other fields have long been recognized. Acknowledging its capacity to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of tasks, Mr. Jonathan de Luzuriaga, President/CEO of the Spring Valley Tech Corporation (SVTC) and President of the Philippines Software Industry Association (PSIA), studied the varying effects of AI to Policy and Research. The technical paper titled How AI is Changing Decision-making Policies and Research Landscape will be presented in the upcoming National Research Council of the Philippines’ (NRCP) Annual Scientific Conference and 89th General Membership Assembly (GMA) on March 15, 2022.


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 Aside from the more known applications of AI such as self-driving cars, chess bots, and virtual assistants, Luzuriaga will delve into the possible utilization and precaution of AI utilization for our legislators and researchers, while orienting the public on the changes brought about by this revolution. As reported by the Department of Trade and Industry, de Luzuriaga stated that “With things going digital, it’s far easier now to put a layer of AI and automation in services”. 

Further, following the theme Digital Transformation in Research: Powers and Peril, other topics such as technology, data protection, and digital education will be discussed in the Council’s annual scientific conference and assembly.

The NRCP Annual Scientific Conference and General Membership Assembly is one of the largest gatherings of researchers in the Philippines. //Marl Francis O. Manzano, Science Research Specialist I, FAD-NRCP