Starting May 2022, the DOST-National Council of the Philippines shall adopt a new mode of accepting online Associate Membership applications through the Scientific Knowledge Management System (SKMS). The existing scheme wherein Associate Membership applications are accepted and processed on a year-round basis will be replaced with a biannual call for applications – one in May and another in October of each year.

Approved by the NRCP Governing Board through Resolution No. 2021-91, the biannual call would enable the NRCP Secretariat to streamline its operations, giving way to more efficient planning and coordination of membership activities.  With the new schedules, newly approved members will receive thorough orientation before having them sworn to oath in regular division meetings or during the General Membership Assembly at the national or regional cluster levels. It likewise intends to ensure a more organized application and integration process for the new associate members.

In the transition period, the NRCP will continue to accept applications for Associate Membership only until 15 March 2022.  Call schedule and timeline of the new scheme shall be made available on official dissemination channels of NRCP such as FB Research Pod, the official NRCP website, and membership egroups not later than March 2022.

Current applicants with incomplete documents and/or have been dormant for the last three months will be dropped by 31 January 2022 and will be advised to re-apply when eligibility and documentary requirements warrant.

NRCP is collegial body of highly-trained scientists and researchers that effectively contribute to the country’s development and to the improvement of the quality of life of the Filipino people. Its members can avail of benefits and privileges provided by the council such as research and publication grants, capacity and professional development opportunities, expert engagement opportunities. For more information regarding the membership criteria and qualifications, you may access this link: