DOST NRCP RDLead Program has approved on 01 October 2021 the deployment of experts on food science and energy engineering to institutions in the south, the Philippine Women's College Davao City (PWC) and the Batangas State University (BatStateU).  The two experts will be involved in various activities that are developed and structured to facilitate the enhancement of R&D capabilities of the institutions.

Dr. Casiana Blanca Villarino, who is a Registered Sensory Scientist and teaching Food Science and Technology at the University of the Philippines, will work with the PWC to strengthen the R&D capabilities of its faculty on emergency foods.  This enhanced R&D capabilities of PWC may step up the accomplishment of its goal of establishing an Emergency Food R&D Center in Mindanao.

On the other hand, Dr. Aldrin D. Calderon, who is an Energy Engineering expert teaching at the Mapua Institute of Technology, will work with BatStateU to train its faculty members in crafting a well-structured R&D on smart energy systems.  Dr. Calderon's end goal is to have a strong pool of experts who will back up the Smart Energy System R&D Center that will be established under the DOST S4CP Nicer Program.