An article on marine sediments in the Philippines, generated from a project funded by the National Research Council of the Philippines (NRCP) was published in Scientific Reports, a Nature Publishing open access journal.


The project was led by Dr. Doralyn S. Dalisay, NRCP member, Pharmaceutical Sciences Division, and Balik Scientist. Dr. Dalisay happily reported that the paper was up in the Scientific Reports, a Q1 journal for natural sciences, medicine, and engineering. According to her, Scientific Reports is the 6th most-cited journal in the world, with more than 540,000 citations in 2020 alone, receiving widespread attention in policy documents and the media.

“The article uncovers the richness of the marine sediments in the Philippines as an important ecological niche in isolating microorganisms such as Streptomyces with antibiotic and anticancer activities,” said Dr. Dalisay in an email. She added that in their more than 2 decades of experience of publishing scientific manuscripts in international high-impact journals, this is the first time they received comments from the peer-reviewers recommending to "publish in its actual form", which according to her is very rare. This means that the report that the peers reviewed was of scientific relevance and high quality.

“This publication is an output of the NRCP-funded project [Marine-sediment Derived Actinobacteria from Islands of Western and Central Visayas and their Actinomicrobial Activities] with the support of DOST-PCHRD that was implemented in December 2016 to November 2019, with the late Dr. Edgardo Gomez, Dr. Christina Binag, and Dr. Ramon Razal as NRCP Presidents and advocates of this project”, said Scientist Dalisay.

She sincerely expressed her appreciation of the unwavering support of Dr. Marieta Bañez Sumagaysay, NRCP Executive Director, for championing basic research on marine actinomycetes for drug discovery.

She added that this testifies the capability of an all-Filipino team of researchers from the countryside to conduct globally competitive, original, scientifically robust, and high-quality basic research funded by the Philippine government that utilizes the Philippine natural resources for the benefit of its citizens. Further, this output shall help in elevating the rank of the Philippines in future Global Innovation Index measures. 

“Indeed, this is a testimony that NRCP is crucial because it supports basic research for scientists, engineers, artists, and researchers to create knowledge that transforms the future,” she ended in her email.

Meanwhile, Executive Director Sumagaysay is happy for Dr. Dalisay and her team for the constant updating of the impact of the funded project, as she mentioned that it is one wish the council has for other researchers to do as well.  She sent the research team her appreciation and well wishes in the next phases of the project towards product commercialization.