The National Research Council of the Philippines (NRCP)  Back to Basic (B2B) online class featured a non-internet-based communication that can be used in teaching and learning in the current pandemic.

Relatable and attuned to most of the students and teachers, B2B’s Episode 3 was aptly titled  “Remote Learning without the Internet, Is it Possible?". This was presented by the featured lecturer of the day, Dr. Rodney T. Cajimat, NRCP Associate Member of Governmental, Educational and International Policies Division, and Faculty Member, College of Teacher Education, Nueva Vizcaya State University, and Focal Person, Southeast Asian Technical and Vocational Education Training.


In his lecture, Dr. Cajimat introduced strategies that are asynchronous and non-internet based instructional techniques for remote teaching and learning. This is called teleconferencing. A non-internet based communication which, aside from not dependent on internet connection to work, it just needs one person to have an airtime load to serve as host and the callers are also not required to have internet load.


“Failed communication is a failed instruction” said Dr. Cajimat. But with the use of teleconferencing, students in far places and no internet connectivity can be reached, he added. There will be more teacher and student interactions and students can communicate among themselves.

The lesson playlist

Dr. Cajimat discussed a “lesson playlist” which contains a set of activities which is based on flexible learning, reinforced by self-paced learning, which should be done chronologically. The playlist includes mental health and development including breaks to do personal activities like physical exercise. A module is scheduled and students can only go back once done with the personal activities. Ultimately, this involves interaction among students.


“I hope that as teachers we continue to be compassionate to our students. Learning from experience, I tend to think of creative ways on how to implement the teaching-learning process because I imagine myself in the shoes of my students especially during the pandemic.” Dr. Cajimat said as he ended his lecture to remind teachers and participants.

The Zoom chat box resounded with positive remarks from the participants and appreciated how teleconferencing and the lesson playlist could help teachers and students ease the learning process during remote learning.



NRCP Governmental, Educational and International Policies Division Chair, Dr. Marie Paz Morales moderated the whole online class until the open forum sharing her experiences and lessons as a Professor as well. A lively open forum followed with most of the questions on Dr. Cajimat experience in using teleconferencing and lesson playlist in his class.


NRCP Executive Director, Dr. Marieta Banez Sumagaysay, in her closing remarks greeted the enrollees especially the teachers and educators. She thanked teacher and lecturer Dr. Cajimat for generously sharing his experience in teaching using teleconferencing, and representatives from DepEd for attending the lecture. Director Sumagaysay also shared her relatable experience in the lecture on how teachers have to multiply their efforts to sustain the motivation and interest of the pupils in this situation.  She also emphasized the “compassion” from the lecture and experience of Dr. Cajimat.

A total of 536 (384 females, 152 males) virtual enrollees including NRCP members, DOST agencies, students and teachers from different schools and universities, academe, and DepEd.

Participants who were not able to join the lecture proper could still take the class on the website and will undergo the same experience as those students who attended the regular class. Just enroll at where all the videos/lessons of B2B and Expert Class can be watched.