“More information drives more thoughtful decisions” Dr. Richard DLC Gonzales, NRCP Regular Member, Government, Educational and International Policies Division, and Lead Education Consultant, and Chief Executive Advisor of the Inno-Change International Consultants, emphasized as he unlocked the power of data in the Expert Class Episode 3 conducted on 25 August 2021.


Dr. Gonzales highlighted the power of data and how it can be appropriately used for decision making, especially in schools. He discussed the concept of data-driven decision making or D3M. Data-driven decision-making is the process of making choices or options based on appropriate analysis of relevant information (Mertler, 2014). Dr. Gonzales also emphasized in his lecture the need to use data in decision-making, what data to be collected that will be used to make decisions, and what data reports are more useful depending on roles such as for teachers or for school administrators. In this manner, the information can be maximized to support student development and school improvement.


“It requires careful attention to ensuring that data are both relevant and diagnostic for each decision-maker and decision. Or else, there is an eminent threat that the decision-maker will either push in the wrong direction or swamped in the data.” Dr. Gonzales said as he ended his lecture.


Dr. Voltaire Mistades, NRCP Associate Member, and Chair of Educational Policies Section of NRCP Division 1, shared his insights regarding the lecture of Dr. Gonzales. He said that the presentation opened avenues to explore the power of data and information. The D3M framework that was shared by Dr. Gonzales can enhance the data driven decision-making processes. “As we continually improve student learning, it is important for us to understand how we can best use the data for decision-making” Dr. Mistades said. 


Dr. Marie Paz Morales, NRCP Government, Educational and International Policies Division Chair, moderated the Expert Class episode also giving her insights on the topic. There were 321 (197 females, 124 males) enrollees who joined the lecture including NRCP members, DOST agencies, students and teachers from different schools and universities, academe, and DepEd.

“Data is useful but not until it is processed into information, then it may not result to knowledge and wisdom” said Dr. Marieta Banez-Sumagaysay, NRCP Executive Director in her closing remarks. She also thanked Dr. Gonzales for raising policy recommendations that are being brought forward for decision-makers to pick up and use in order to address a national issue on the impact of remote learning during the pandemic. She put forth that the goal of Expert Class is to bring experts from the 13 Scientific Divisions of NRCP to take turns to discuss policy issues.