Research council boosts science campaign

While classes have just winded up, the National Research Council of the Philippines (NRCP) opens two (2) online classes in its bid to develop a science culture among the Filipinos. The Back to Basic (B2B) and Expert Class online series will start accepting students, researchers, even policymakers, media and the public on July 28 and 29, 2021 respectively. The first batch of classes will be on until December 2021.

B2B and Expert Class are science online lectures that will be conducted by NRCP Members from 13 scientific divisions. Each class shall have 13 episodes. B2B is designed for elementary and high school students and the public that presents science concepts or theories in the most basic, popular and fun way. On the other hand, Expert Class is designed for higher levels, professionals and experts and will tackle issues that are of national interest.

The first episode of B2B will feature the NRCP Medical Sciences Division with an interesting and relatable topic to one and all – Infection Busters! This will be presented   by Dr. Marilen Balolong, a professor and university scientist of the University of the Philippines (UP) Manila together with Dr. Neil Tan Gana, Dr. Ourland Tantengco, Fellow, The University of Texas and Mr. Mark Carascal. They will explore how beneficial are the microorganisms and how some could be detrimental to one’s health. The medical sciences team will expound how some microbes can make a person sick, how to prevent infection, and share some practices how to recover from illness caused by these microbes.

Meanwhile, Dr. Percival Almor, a professor at the National Institute of Physics (NIP), UP Diliman, will kick off the Expert Class with a talk titled, “Light Application Safety (Pagbibilad sa Araw)” Dr. Almoro will tell how Filipinos acknowledge the importance of ultraviolet light (UV) as reflected in their traditional way of life such as drying rice under the sun to remove the moisture content or in the modern times, using germicidal lamp and other UV technologies. However, UV light has detrimental effects to one’s health too if not managed properly. In his presentation, he will demonstrate the proper use of these technologies and will show through his experiment the negative effects of the UV technologies if not used properly.

Like in the traditional classroom, students and participants need to enroll, attend lecture or forums, and go through assessment. There will be one episode of B2B and Expert Class every month. Upon finishing a lecture, a certificate of participation will be given to those who actively participates to the lecture. Meanwhile, a certificate of completion will be given to those who will pass the quiz and accomplish the client feedback satisfaction form. Enroll now at Back to Basic: and for Expert Class:  

Interested participants who will not be able to join the proper lecture could still take the class in the BRITER Commons website ( ) where recorded versions of the lectures including the corresponding quizzes are posted. In this platform, participants will undergo the same experience as those students who attended the regular class. This provides flexibility for enrollees who have different free time than the scheduled classes.

B2B and Expert Class are under DOST-NRCP’s Leveraging Basic Research Information Translation for Empowerment in the Regions Program (BRITER) that aims to develop a science culture among the stakeholders through the maximum utilization of the results of completed NRCP-funded researches.