NRCP assists Bangsamoro in crafting its very first RD agenda

The National Research Council of the Philippines joined hands with the Ministry of Science and Technology-Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (MOST-BARMM) to craft the BARMM Research and Development Agenda.


This July 1 and 2, the Council, in partnership with MOST-BARMM, will be holding a two-day multisectoral consultation workshop that will serve as the building block of the said R&D endeavor.

The workshop, to be facilitated by Dr. Ephrime Metillo, Chair of the NRCP Mindanao Regional Cluster will gather more than 250 participants from the six (6) core groups in BARMM: academe, local government units (LGUs), national government agencies (NGAs), non-government organizations (NGOs) and civil society organizations (CSOs), business and industry, and the Ulamas and Alimas.

The relevant issues raised by MOST-BARMM in the NRCP Regional Basic Research Caravan in April led to this partnership and consultative workshop. The Council responded to the region’s felt needs as they currently do not have a strong R&D agenda. Their research culture, research capacity, and research ethos need to be strengthened, and the researchers in all disciplines need to be empowered and capacitated.

This BARMM R&D Agenda will be used by MOST-BARMM and serve as the region’s guide for its R&D efforts. This is a promising start for the benefit and uplifting of the lives of the Bangsamoro people.

Mandated to foster linkages and develop and share scientific information, NRCP is looking forward to the following: (1) Enhancing the scientific productivity of the region through research; (2) Strengthening the evidence-based policymaking in the region along with priority development areas; (3) Engaging and involve local researchers, scientists, and engineers, including the artists in the promotion of research culture and ethos; (4) Heightening NRCP experts’ engagements in research capacity building in the region; (5) Enhancing the awareness of the people of BARMM on the mandate and significance of NRCP to the lives of the Filipinos, in general, and the Bangsamoro people in particular; and (6) Bringing to fore the new BARMM Regional R&D Agenda that will also promote basic, applied, and policy research towards strengthening the culture of science and the arts in the region.

As NRCP looks forward to a successful consultative workshop, a validation conference will come after which will be held by the council on August 04, 2021. Along with this, the target approval and launching of the BARMM R&D Agenda will be on the last week of August, while the call for proposals and proposal evaluation will be on September and October, respectively. Successively, project implementation will start in November and the NRCP will still provide technical assistance to MOST-BARMM.

This NRCP-MOST partnership is a result of the consultative meetings initiated by the NRCP President, Dr. Gregorio E.H. del Pilar; NRCP Executive Director, Dr. Marieta Baňez Sumagaysay, and the MOST Minister, Engr. Aida M. Silongan.