Dr. Bonifacio Tamparong Jr., or Bon as fondly called by his peers, is a Science Research Specialist of the DOST-National Research Council of the Philippines (NRCP) who won the top prize in the recently concluded My Super Juan Video Making Contest. The one-minute video narrates the daily life of Bon and his wife, Sarah Rose, amidst the pandemic as a young married couple who teams up in earning income and, at the same time, sharing household chores and caring for their two-year old son.


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A scene from the one-minute video, Dr. Bonifacio Tamparong Jr. of NRCP, which won the first prize in the #MySuperJuan video making contest organized by the DOST.

His entry garnered a score of 82.67 percent and was rated based on the following criteria: creativity (50%), relevance (20%), technical merits of the video (20%), and popularity in social media (10%). The competition was hosted by the DOST- Industry Technology Development Institute (ITDI), in cooperation with the DOST GAD and Regional Support Service (GRSS), in celebration of the 2021 Women’s Month. The announcement was made during the online DOST Forum "Sina Juana, Juan at ang Siyensya Laban sa Pandemya: Kaya!” on 30 March 2021.

In addition to this, Bon also shared his views during the Women’s Month culminating activity entitled “Juana Cares, We Care, Let Every Juan Care” held on 31 March 2021. The nationwide online event was spearheaded by the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW).


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Dr. Bonifacio Tamparong Jr. of NRCP shared his insights during the 2021 Women’s Month culminating activity, entitiled “Juana Cares, We Care, Let Every Juan Care” on 31 March 2021.

During his talk, he urged every Juan to be flexible in order to adapt to change and overcome challenges. He cautioned that trials such as the pandemic do not strengthen the family, but rather exposes the quality of its foundation. In the midst of the difficulties, he highlighted the importance of sharing the domestic work, as part of uplifting, encouraging, and nurturing, not only the wife, but the entire family. During the Q&A, he shared that the institutionalization efforts of PCW facilitates changing the culture that men should also be helping women in doing the household chores, as he is a product of the NRCP GAD Focal Point System and the initiatives made in order to make the Council’s programs and projects become gender-responsive. His response was welcomed by other guest speakers who alluded that changing the culture starts at home by what the parents set as examples to the younger generation.