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A survey lodged on the online membership facility of NRCP shows that word-of-mouth recommendation and referrals from colleagues, as well as the Regional Basic Research Caravan (RBRC) as the most effective strategies in membership promotion of the National Research Council of the Philippines (NRCP).

The survey which started at the latter part of 2020 showed that 67% of the applications received on the new online application system of NRCP, the Scientific Knowledge Management System – SKMS, were a result of invitation from colleagues and Division Chairs. This feedback presents a very good indication of how existing members can be very effective ambassadors to promote NRCP membership.

The second most effective performer of membership promotion is the NRCP Regional Basic Research Caravan (RBRC), from which 52 membership applications were received for January 2021 alone. RBRC is a program initiated by NRCP in 2018 with regional partners such as the Department of Science and Technology regional offices and HEIs with the aim of promoting basic research and of tapping potential researchers, scientists, and engineers in the regions to become part of the NRCP’s growing national pool of experts. The success of RBRC in enlisting new members primarily lies on the NRCP Membership Orientation, which is a regular part of the program, wherein the step-by-step online application procedures and the benefits and roles of an NRCP member are shared with the participants.

Other promotional strategies of the Council that helped expand NRCP’s membership base in 2020 with continuous efficient performance in 2021 are the Research Pod on Facebook, the NRCP website, and direct individual invitations from NRCP. 

The National S&T Expert Pool (NSTEP), a new region-based program of NRCP which is being piloted in Visayas and Mindanao is already showing significant success this early, with already 26 applications received this January alone. This result is largely attributed to the Membership Promotion Caravan and the Proposal Writeshop spearheaded by the Visayas Regional Cluster and the Mindanao Regional Cluster with partner DOST regional offices, respectively.

As of date, NRCP has over 5000 member-researchers, scientists, engineers and artists distributed across the country. With the recent shift to virtual mode of conducting its activities, the Council’s reach to its members and potential members has become more creative and expansive than ever, and membership promotion has become a lot accessible and available to more areas and partners.  (Mary Charlotte O. Fresco, NRCP)