The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) has published its first book series “Science for the People” that feature success stories and best practices in applying science and technology towards the development of small and medium enterprises, startup companies and local communities. The books present the very essence of Filipinnovation and put into reality DOST’s adage Science for the People. The books will be launched virtually on September 24, 2020.

DOST Secretary Fortunato de la Peña underscores the importance of S&T solutions in light of the global pandemic, to address chronic issues that affect the country as well as to sustain economic growth. And amidst the COVID 19, DOST presents a respite through the books. “The very reasons why the books were put together is to present the human side of science as well as the inspiring story of scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs taking on the challenges of working together with science, technology and innovation as their common backbones. More importantly, the books also tell the story of each Filipino whose life has been strongly affected by science and technology. In the pages of the books, we see the positive changes in communities and how people learned to help themselves through what we call social innovations”, he said.

The virtual launch will feature the authors Winston Damarillo, digital transformation pioneer behind the company Amihan Global Strategies, Maret Follosco-Bautista, Chairman and President of companies under the CL Follosco Group, Robina Gokongwei-Pe, President and CEO of Robinsons Retail Holdings Inc., and Dr. Segundo Romero, President of the Universities and Research Councils Network in Innovation for Inclusive Development in Southeast Asia (UNIID-SEA).

In Book 1 Science for Scale: Stories of How Companies Embraced Innovation for Growth, Winston Damarillo writes, “There is always a better way. The first step to coming up with a game-changing product, technology or anything, is putting in hours of mental labor and experimentation to arrive at a prototype.”

In Book 2 Science for Success: Stories of How Science and Technology Can Help Your Business, co-authors Maret Follosco-Bautista and Robina Gokongwei-Pe share, “In tough times, entrepreneurs display grit to steer the people they are responsible for toward a stable future. In this book, we tell stories of innovative individuals all over the country who have embraced science and technology as a strategy for survival and growth.”

In Book 3 Science for Social Change: Helping People Help Themselves, Dr. Segundo Romero says, “This book aims to present a comprehensive picture of how science and technology has impacted the lives of ordinary Filipinos in their communities, featuring social innovations to solve wicked problems and dilemmas in society. The book seeks where this impact is greatest or most significant and describes and evaluates this impact.” Book 3 has yet to be published in November.

The DOST-National Research Council of the Philippines (DOST-NRCP) facilitated the writing of the three (3) books and subjected them for review by select Reviewers. Book 1 was reviewed by Dr. Adelaida P. Lucero, former Chair of the Humanities Division of the DOST-National Research Council of the Philippines (DOST-NRCP) and Professor at UPD. She said the books were written for easy reading/understanding, with the ultimate goal of making the public appreciate science and technology. Academician Dr. Alvin B. Culaba, Past President of NRCP and Distinguished Full Professor of Mechanical Engineering, De La Salle University Manila on his review said “Mr. Damarillo did an outstanding work by providing an easy-to-follow and candid real-life account of the significance of science in every aspect of life.

For Book 2, the Reviewers were National Scientist, Dr. Lourdes J. Cruz, Past President of NRCP and Professor Emeritus of the Marine Science Institute, UPD who said “The book delivers each lesson though stories that explain the problems encountered and the S&T-based solutions that resulted in the improvement of a process, product, and opportunities. For the usual scientist like me with no business sense, it can serve and as an eye opener and a primer.” For Dr. Elena E. Pernia, Vice-President for Public Affairs and Dean of the College of Mass Communication, UPD, she simply said “Science makes good business, and business needs science. This is the main theme of the book, Science for Success — a delightful and engaging reading whether one is an entrepreneur or thinking of becoming one.”

As part of the book launch, 250 printed copies of the Books 1 and 2 will be given away via a post at DOST-NRCP’s Facebook Page – Research Pod. Also, soft copies (pdf) of the books will be downloaded free via the DOST Philippines Facebook Page. Visit these FB Pages after the book launch.