Let’s give the spotlight to our SCIENTISTS and RESEARCHERS!


FINAL Salute Scientists

Through the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) and its agencies that partnered with other government agencies, schools and universities and the private sector in research and development (R&D), we now have these technologies and services to fight COVID-19 and even beyond this pandemic:

  1. COVID-19 Test Kit by Dr. Raul V. Destura, DOST-NCRP Vice President and Chair, Medical Sciences Division, together with his team.
  2. 3D-Printed face shields for health workers
  3. FASSSTER (Feasibility Analysis of Syndromic Surveillance Using a Spatio-Temporal Epidemiological Modeler for Early Detection of Diseases) to predict the duration of the COVID-19 outbreak using DOH and other data and information
  4. Testing of Philippine VCO for anti-COVID19 virus properties
  5. Reusable face masks (up to 50 times) using textile-coating technology
  6. Food Innovation Facilities that will make available 15,000 packs of RTE (ready-to-eat) Arrozcaldo Chicken and 3,000 packs of Rice Meal
  7. Livelihood training or e-learning courses (Hand gel sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, antibacterial soap and processed foods)
  8. Complimentary food for babies and children
  9. New satellite imagery plus other complementary data for useful data analytics, e.g., movement of people, etc.
  10. Development of a small thermal camera that can be attached to smart phones to be used as temperature scanner
  11. Sterilization services using e-beam for medical devices
  12. Unused masks readied during the Taal eruption ashfall phenomenon and round the clock monitoring of volcanoes and earthquakes
  13. Round the clock forecasting of weather and other related phenomena
  14. Online application systems for DOST scholarships
  15. Online submission of proposals for 2021

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This is R&D making change happen!

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