The National Research Council of the Philippines is a collegial body of highly-trained scientists and researchers, cohesively addressing the growing demand for knowledge, skills, and innovations; sharing expertise with all sectors of the society; and effectively and efficiently contributing to the country's development and to the improvement of the quality of life of the Filipino people. It is unique in the sense that it is mandated to promote and support basic and problem-oriented researches, particularly those which are multidisciplinary, in the sciences as well as in the humanities, to identify and provide solutions to national issues and problems, and to generate new knowledge in preparation for the future. As such, it also provides advice on current issues and problems of national interest based on research.

With the collective effort of its Governing Board (GB), NRCP is releasing three (3) statements on the Creation of a Department of Culture and the Arts, Continuing Professional Development Act, and on Bangsamoro Organic Law and Social Peace.

The Resolution No. 2018-83 Adopting the Statement Supporting the Creation of a Department of Culture and Arts was drafted by the Dr. Adelaida F. Lucero, Chair of Division XI (Humanities). Meanwhile, Resolution No. 2018-87 Adopting the NRCP Statement on the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Bill was prepared by Division I (Governmental, Educational, and International Policies). Division VIII (Social Sciences) prepared the Bangsamoro Organic Law and Social Peace with Resolution No. 2018-91.