Ms. Hallegado and Mr. Garcia with NRCP Achievement Awardees Dr. Morales and Dr. Deocaris

iShare Season 2 ended with stories of “Humble Beginnings and Successful Endings” from two of the 2019 NRCP Achievement Awardees, Dr. Marie Paz Morales and Dr. Custer Deocaris, last May 30, 2022, live at a studio in Makati and livestreamed by zoom and the Research Pod.

The episode opened with the story of Dr. Deocaris, a multi-awarded S&T broadcast journalist and a Senior Science Research Specialist in DOST-Philippine Nuclear Research Institute. Dr. Deocaris shared how he loved studying science at the age of seven. His young mind got interested to science concepts such as genetics, biotechnology, and microbiology. Until now, he still finds the eagerness to go back to school because of his immeasurable love for science and research.


His innate passion towards learning was greatly influenced by his father’s love and passion for science. On one end, Dr. Custer did not limit himself from exploring other avenues of learning. Aside from science, he also ventured into different fields such as broadcasting, communications, embryology, business, and more.

Meanwhile, Dr. Morales, Director, Publication Office, Philippine Normal University, was generous to narrate humble stories from her childhood. She excitedly shared that she and her siblings had to sell some mangoes and other products while studying in elementary to earn some pennies. Her resourcefulness today can be traced to what she and her siblings did. She mentioned stitching excess notebook leaves so that they can use it for the next school year.

These are but some of the accounts that Dr. Morales told the audience. She was determined to pursue her academic journey that she could go to challenging lengths. During her college entrance exam, at the age of fifteen, she and her friends had to face the storm surge just to take the exam.

How did she get to be an achiever? The rest was a story of hard work and perseverance.

Despite her towering success, she maintained that she still observes “check and balance” to herself. As a mantra, she had happiness in what you do and fulfillment in mind.


The season finale was opened to the public, budding researchers, graduating students, professionals, media, and more. The Q&A portion focused on Dr. Morales’ and Dr. Deocaris’ future plans, advice on carrying on in spite of challenges, tips on writing research papers or proposals, and generally about life.


NRCP Executive Director Dr. Marieta Bañez-Sumagaysay closed the program with her inspiring message. She said that there may not be a journey of instant success and high-level accomplishment at the snap of their finger, but the stories of Dr. Morales and Dr. Deocaris was a series of small and big wins earned with passion, patience, perseverance, and persistence to get what they envision and dream about. Dr. Sumagaysay also emphasized how the stories had a personal touch. She hoped that these stories can make a difference to the audience’s choice to become the future Filipino scientists the country needs. // by Irish Danielle Hallegado, Science Research Specialist I, RIDD-NRCP