NRCP RD Leader for the Universidad de Manila (UDM), Dr. Edison A. Roxas with the members of the RDLead program visited the said university last April 6, 2022.  The goals are to meet and discuss with its key officials the importance of the program and present the results of UDM research readiness per Dr. Roxas’ assessment study.

Based on the assessment study, the openness of the teaching personnel to undergo research and development (R&D) training is one of the strengths of the UDM, RDLeader, Dr. Roxas reported.  However, he recommended the expansion of the space of the University Research Innovation and Social Engagement (URISE) Center to create a more enabling environment for the faculty to brainstorm research ideas.  This recommendation was well taken by Dr. Ronald A. Herrera, Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA) and Dr. Sheryl H. Ramirez, Director of URISE Center.

Both expressed their appreciation and gratitude for the opportunity given by the NRCP RDLead program to UDM’s faculty through the conduct of R&D training.  They said that the members of the faculty of UMD, as members of the institution of higher learning, are now encouraged and guided to tread the path of R&D. 

The UDM team, through the auspices of RDLeader Dr. Roxas, has successfully submitted a R&D proposal titled as Design and Development of an Intelligent Quantitative Software-Based Posture Analysis and Evaluation to the DOST Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD) last March 31, 2022.

UDM hopes that this submission will initiate more external R&D funding opportunities to spawn more relevant research projects that will truly benefit constituents of the City of Manila.

Mr. Marfy H. Lita, the RDLead Program Project Development Officer presented the projects and programs of the NRCP, especially the National Integrated Basic Research Agenda (NIBRA). To avail of the NIBRA research grants, he encouraged the participants to apply for NRCP membership to explore further their chosen research areas with their RD Leader.

Aside from Dr. Herrera, other UDM executives, the deans and officials from various colleges and academic units attended and participated in the meeting.

The preparation and coordination of this first RDLead meeting were facilitated by Dr. Herrera and Dr. Sheryl H. Ramirez. Dr. Ramirez, who is also the focal person of the UDM-RDLead engagement


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