Last March 8, 2022, the NRCP launched iShare Season 2: Stories of Inspiration and Creative Research, via Zoom. On its pilot episode titled “Research and Opportunities,” it featured two (2) of its Achievement Awardees, Dr. Olivia C. Caoili and Dr. Norvie Manigbas who excelled in their respective  fields of expertise.

 ishare 2

Dr. Caoili as she shares her journey towards success

Dr. Caoili, NRCP Regular Member of Social Sciences Division and UP Professor Emeritus, proudly shared how she pushed through her advocacy and become the foremost proponent and pioneer of teaching Science, Technology, and Society (STS), a system-wide general education course at the University of the Philippines. But before reaching this success, she openly discussed the challenges she went through such as going through World War II, lack of opportunities, industrialization, among others. Amidst the said challenges, Dr. Caoili rose and built her legacy. She also left inspiring words to the young and budding researchers, “Get on with it, do it, don’t listen to people who discourage you. Explore more; there are more possibilities.”

ishare 3

Dr.Manigbas sharing stories of inspiration and opportunities

Dr. Manigbas, NRCP Regular Member of Agriculture and Forestry Division, and  Scientist II, Philippine Rice Research Institute, also shared his own journey of many  discoveries which led to more opportunities for him and to Filipino farmers. He highlighted his story in farming, rice breeding, and developing high temperature tolerance rice. He is very happy sharing his experience and how his research has helped the rice industry and the farmers. As he ends his story of success, he reminded his co-researchers “to find balance in your career and in your life.”

ishare 4

Mr. Sia, Dr. Caoili, and Dr. Manigbas during Q&A

During the Q&A, there were participants who asked for  advice regarding  budding or potential scientists from the rural areas  who are unnoticed, and have challenges with pressing issues when conducting research and how to overcome them.  The launch of iShare was attended by 226 participants, mostly students from different universities, researchers, NRCP members, and more.

Before the story telling ended, Dr. Marieta Bañez-Sumagaysay, NRCP Executive Director gave her closing remarks. She said that stories like these are the reasons why the National Research Council of the Philippines is proud as the country’s collegial body of researchers and scientists. Its achievers are mentors, too, who are devoted to help colleagues reach their goals, and extend the opportunities  of science and technology for the benefit of the Filipino people.

ishare 5

Dr. Marieta Bañez-Sumagaysay, NRCP Executive Director

iShare is NRCP’s brand of digital storytelling, and the storytellers are achievement awardees who have excelled in their respective fields of specialization. It aims to heighten and strengthen the various public’s awareness and engagement with NRCP scientists, researchers, and artists and to boost the appreciation and understanding of the budding male and female researchers and artists in the country on the sciences and the arts.  Moreover, it aims to show the young some role models which can be emulated, and hopefully, serve as an avenue for encouraging more students to pursue S&T courses.

Watch out for the next episodes of iShare:

Watch out for the upcoming episode of iShare on March 31, 2022 wherein two other Achievement Awardees, will tell their story of success. They are Dr. Dr. Decibel Faustino of NRCP Division XII Earth and Space Sciences and Dean of the School of Environmental Science and Management of the University of the Philippines Los Banos (SESAM-UPLB), and Dr. Lanndon Ocampo of NRCP Division VII Engineering and Industrial Research, and Professor at Department of Industrial Engineering in Cebu Technological University.