On March 15, 2022, ten (10) Filipino researchers in various fields of basic and applied sciences including the social sciences and the arts will be conferred as the 2021 National Research Council of the Philippines’ (NRCP) Awardees along with one research institution.  The conferment of this award is one of the highlights of the Annual Scientific Conference and 89th General Membership Assembly with the theme, Digital Transformation in Research:  Powers and Perils.ishare


Eight (8) researchers will be conferred as the 2021 NRCP Achievement Awardees for their significant breakthroughs in various areas which include: indigenous language, sustainable management of ecosystem, high yield and climate-ready rice, psychology of peace building and democratic transition, polymer science, theatrical masterpieces, paleontology, and biotechnology animal production. On the other hand, two (2) researchers who have had sterling accomplishments in mentoring young and budding researchers, scientists, and innovators will receive the Member Emeritus Award and a research institution that has had significant contribution to the growth and development of basic sciences and humanities in the country will be named as the 2021 Outstanding Institution.

The awardees’ transformative social innovations and game-changing contributions in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in Philippines and the 2030 Agenda made them standouts.

DR. ROCHELLE IRENE GARCIA LUCAS, who is a Full Professor and Research Fellow in De La Salle University, Manila is the Achievement Awardee for the NRCP Division of Governmental, Educational and International Policies.

Dr. Lucas is a Field Contributor to Ethnologue: Languages of the World, a web-based language repository.  She has published 28 Scopus-indexed publications with an h-index of 7, covering areas such as psycholinguistics, bilingualism, alternative assessment and language documentation. She recently completed an NRCP funded research project on the documentation and preservation of the Hanunoo Mangyan language.

Dr. Lucas is a former Vice Dean of the Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education and is the current Chair of the Department of English and Applied Linguistics. She is also the former President of the Linguistic Society of the Philippines (LSP).  She also served as a Board Member of various professional organizations such as the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL), Philippine Social Science Council (PSSC), and Comparative Education Society of the Philippines (CESP) to name a few.

Dr. Lucas, has had a Fellow position at the International Deans Course (IDC) of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in 2010-2011.

DR. DAMASA M. MACANDOG, who is a Professor in the Institute of Biological Sciences of UPLB, is the Achievement Awardee for the NRCP Division of Biological Sciences.

Dr. Macandog has a diverse body of research work that tackles global and timely environmental issues towards sustainable management and development of ecosystems.

In her several years of service in UPLB, she has received several awards for her dedication in teaching and active involvement in research and extension works. Recently, she was awarded the 2021 UPLB Alumni Association Achievement Award.

UN – Habitat conferred Dr. Macandog’s research team as the 2018 Winner in University Research Award on Legislation, Regulation and Governance Systems.

Dr. Macandog is a recipient of various local and international awards like, the University of New England’s 2015 Distinguished Alumni Award, the NAST- Hugh Greenwood Environmental Science Award in 2014, and the NAST Outstanding Young Scientist Award in Botany in 1997, the  2008 Philippine Soil Science Society and Technology, Inc. Achievement Award, the UPLB 2007 Most Outstanding Researcher Award and numerous UP awards including UP Scientific Productivity System since 2009, a string of UP Professorial awards including the OneUP Professorial Chair in Plant Ecology, and several International Publication Awards.

Currently, Dr. Macandog serves as NRCP Technical Reviewer of research proposals and on-going projects.

In 2002 – 2004, Dr. Macandog served as Secretary of NRCP Division of Biological Sciences.

DR. ROEL R. SURALTA, who is a Career Scientist III at the Philippine Rice Research Institute is the Achievement Awardee for NRCP Division of Agriculture and Forestry.

Dr. Suralta has outstanding scientific accomplishments in crop science. His robust global contribution and discovery in rice root research significantly accelerate the development of high-yielding climate-ready rice that positively impact the lives of rice farmers by ensuring sustainable yields and productivity.

Dr. Suralta’s numerous scientific endeavors and high impact publications attest to his unwavering commitment that his research translates into the betterment of the well- being of rice farmers along with his dedication in educating the next generation of crop researchers and scientists.

Dr. Suralta’s admirable character as a researcher, co-worker, and a productive member of the society are inspiring and worth emulating. With his professional work, good disposition, and the inspiration he exudes, he truly deserves the 2021 NRCP Achievement Award.

DR. CRISTINA J. MONTIEL, who is a Professor Emeritus of Ateneo de Manila University, is the 2021 Achievement Awardee for NRCP Division of Social Sciences.

Dr. Montiel is known for her excellent scholarship on peace psychology and political psychology. In Philippine psychology, Dr. Montiel stands as one of the most productive scholars, publishing over 100 papers in various high-impact international and local journals, and in chapters of psychology-related books. Her current h-index is 19.

Dr. Montiel is globally known for her cutting-edge and thoughtful research on the psychology of peacebuilding and democratic transitions, active nonviolence, social justice, political narratives and discourses, and other topics that speak from and about the Global South, reflecting her creative proficiency in a range of qualitative and quantitative analytic approaches.

Beyond her strong scientific output, Dr. Montiel is a practitioner of peace/political psychology. She has dedicated most of her adult life to building a more humane Philippine political arena, by providing pro bono service to the marginalized sectors, and by working with National Government Organizations and strategic government agencies.  These contributions were recognized by the Psychological Association of the Philippines (2016) with the award of Outstanding Psychologist.

Dr. Montiel also received international recognitions for her outstanding contributions like the Ralph K White Lifetime Achievement Award (2010) and the Lynn Stuart Weiss Lecture Award (2021) by the Division of Peace Psychology, American Psychological Association, and the Distinguished Contribution Award by Psychologists for Social Responsibility (1998).

In 2021, the National Academy of Science and Technology of the Philippines designated her as a Lifetime Academician.

DR. DAVID P. PENALOZA, JR., a Professor at the De La Salle University Manila, is the Achievement Awardee for the NRCP Division of Chemical Sciences.

Dr. Penaloza has made significant contributions in the study of polymeric materials. He has more than 50 original scientific articles, serves as a reviewer in several Scopus- and Web of Science-indexed journals and had organized several technical lectures and conferences to promote polymer science in the country.

Dr. Penaloza obtained his PhD in Polymer Chemistry from the University of Connecticut in 2011 through the Ford Foundation International Fellowship Program. He also serves as the technical consultant for D&L Industries, Inc., a Philippine manufacturing company, working on formulation challenges in commercial products such as paints, coatings and inks; emulsions; plastics; cosmetics and personal home care products, etc.

Dr. Penaloza, aside from being a Regular Member of the NRCP, is currently the Vice President of the Kapisanang Kimika ng Pilipinas, Inc. He is also an active member of the Sigma Xi Scientific Research Honor Society and the Philippine-American Academy of Science and Engineering.

DR. SIR ANRIL P. TIATCO, a Professor and Chair of the College of Arts and Letters of the Department of Speech Communication and Theatre Arts of UP Diliman, is the Achievement Awardee for NRCP Division of Humanities.

Dr. Tiatco has authored research essays, books, chapters, and encyclopedia entries published in local and international academic presses.  Dr. Tiatco is a practicing dramaturg, conceptualizes and co-organizes several national festivals.

Dr. Tiatco is a recipient of various awards which include: the National Book Award, the Carlos Palanca Memorial Award for Literature, the UP-Arts Productivity Award, the UP Diliman Gawad Tsanselor sa Natatanging Guro, among many others.

Dr. Tiatco is currently the editorial associate of Humanities Diliman, Contemporary Theatre Review, and Theatre Research International.

Aside from being an active member of the NRCP Division of Humanities and the International Federation for Theatre Research, he is also the convener of the Asian Theatre Working Group.

Dr. Tiatco earned his Ph.D. in Theatre Studies at the National University of Singapore.

DR. ALLAN GIL S. FERNANDO, is an Associate Professor and Deputy Director for Academic Affairs of the National Institute of Geological Sciences, UP Diliman.  He is the Achievement Awardee of NRCP Division of Earth and Space Sciences.

Dr. Fernando is an accomplished paleontologist with numerous publications in Scopus- and ISI-indexed journals covering a wide range of topics. His research works have been vital for the updating of the Philippine stratigraphy.

Dr. Fernando has able to do conducted his researches while mentoring several graduate and undergraduate students at the University of the Philippines-National Institute of Geological Sciences (UP-NIGS).

Dr. Fernando also participated in local and international ocean expeditions, allowing him to produce more publications and to establish international linkages.

In 2015, he was conferred the title UP Scientist as testament to significant research works.  He is also a recipient of the One UP Professorial Chair for his teaching and research accomplishments. One of these accomplishments is the revision of the 30-year-old BS Geology curriculum of the Institute.

DR. EDWIN C. ATABAY, who is a Senior Science Research Specialist and Scientist II of the Philippine Carabao Center is the 2021 Achievement Awardee for NRCP Division of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Atabay has enormous accomplishments in the area of Animal Reproductive Biotechnology and Physiology and has been involved in various R&D Projects on harnessing the use of reproductive biotechnology to improve animal reproductive efficiency and productivity.

Dr. Atabay is a hardworking and prolific researcher as evidenced by his able leadership and transformative management capabilities, the scientific productivity from his R&D undertakings at PCC and numerous awards and recognitions received.

Dr. Atabay serves as Chair of the National Genetic Resources Improvement Program -Technical Group (NGRIP-TG) and as the Technical Expert of the Unified National Artificial Insemination Program (UNAIP) of the Department of Agriculture.



PROF. FORTUNATO T. DE LA PEÑA, who is currently the Secretary of the Department of Science and Technology, is the Member Emeritus for the NRCP Division of Engineering and Industrial Research.

DOST Secretary de la Pena has an exceptional dedication in serving the Filipino People.  He has made an outstanding contribution in the expansion and upgrading of research and development capability, in the promotion of basic research and in human resources development in science and technology, across the country.

Secretary de la Peña has demonstrated exemplary service and leadership to DOST as Secretary from 2016 to 2022, and as President of NRCP from 2002 to 2007. He has been an active regular member of the Council sharing his expertise and experiences, especially at the Division of Engineering and Industrial Research where he belongs since 1976.  His service as an educator in the field of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research over a period of 43 years has been instrumental in molding more than a thousand practitioners in the field most of whom have shined as leaders in their profession. 

DR. APOLONIO B. CHUA, of the College of Arts and Letters, Department of Filipino and Philippine Literature, UP Diliman is the Member Emeritus of the NRCP Division of Humanities.

Dr. Chua’s research outputs were published in journals, anthologies and publications such as Humanities Diliman, Philippine Humanities Review, Daluyan, A Reader in Philippine Theater: History and Criticism, Essays in Honor of Nicanor G. Tiongson, and the Cultural Center of the Philippines Encyclopedia of Philippine Art.

Dr. Chua serves as stage director of the Philippine Educational Theatre Association (PETA) and other stage theatrical groups.  His annotations and editing of the playscript Juan Tamban for PETA has earned the Manila Critics Circle National Book Award.  His work in the documentary video Mga Bakas won honorable mention in the CCP Independent Cinema and Video Competition and his book SIMULAIN, published by UP Press was awarded the Gawad Natatanging Publikasyon sa Filipino by the UP Diliman.



The Research Center for Arts, Culture, and Humanities of the University of Santo Tomas is the 2021 NRCP Outstanding Institution (NRCP CLUSTER I).

The Research Center is an emerging leader in research scholarship in the fields of philosophy, literature, history, fine arts and design, music, architecture, communication and media studies, education, and economic research in the Philippines. It is also a vast and exemplary space connecting higher education teachers at the University of Santo Tomas who, as scholars, explore incisive ideas, intellectual and artistic human values, meanings, and accomplishments, and expressions in the ever-changing social worlds, past and present. Continuing the over-four-hundred-year-old tradition of UST's humanistic, "classical" higher education, the Center has seen, since its revitalization in the past two decades, an unprecedented growth in the past year or so, in terms of its fine, local and international publications that have demonstrated critical thinking of what it means to be human, particularly foregrounding the importance of arts and culture in the social lives of people.


Since 1979, the NRCP Achievement Award is conferred annually to members whose research works and activities contributed to the advancement of their respective fields of expertise and responded to the needs and challenges of various industries. (Jenny Leigh A. Daquioag, DOST-NRCP)

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