The National Research Council of the Philippines had its 13th KTOP-COVID webinar on the topic, “RD-DIY-Micro: Student- and Teacher-Assessment of Remote Delivery of Instruction and Development of DIY Learning Activities in Microbiology.”  on December 13, 2021, via online. The presentation is based on a study by Dr. Thomas Edison E. dela Cruz, member of NRCP Division of Biological Sciences, a quick short term project funded under the Council’s Kapakanan ng Tao sa Oras ng Pandemya-COVID (KTOP-COVID) program. DIY is the activity of doing or making something without professional training or assistance, or an activity in which one does something oneself or on one's own initiative (Merriam Webster Dictionary).


The study, RD-DIY-Micro, aims to assess the perception of the students and teachers of the remote delivery of learning in microbiology; identify the challenges and coping strategies associated with the remote delivery of lessons; appraise which of the different learning activities employed during the online classes were engaging for the students; create a collection of images and videos integral for the DIY learning activity package; and develop a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) learning activity for the online teaching of microbiology.

At the university level, the potential impacts of the project is that it will generate a collection of images, videos, instructional materials, and virtual specimens which can be used by teachers and students as a tool to learn microbiology. Meanwhile, at the national level, the Project RD-DIY-Micro will also provide science-based information on the challenges encountered by teachers and students during the remote delivery of lessons as well as their perception of online teaching and learning.

The Department of Science and Technology Secretary (DOST) Fortunato T. de la Pena, NRCP Chair of NRCP Division of Biological Sciences Marian P. De Leon, and NRCP Executive Director Marieta Banez Sumagaysay delivered messages during the event. Dr. Ronilo Jose D. Flores, member of NRCP Division of Biological Sciences served as the master of ceremonies and moderator.


In photo: Dr. Thomas Edison E. dela Cruz and Dr. Ronilo Jose D. Flores with the National Research Council of the Philippines secretariat during the 13th KTOP webinar on December 13, 2021 via Zoom.

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