Rey Donne S. Papa Ph.D. (UEP, RD Leader), Guillermo Tabios III, Ph.D. (ISU, RD Leader), Dixon T. Gevaña, Ph.D. (ASSCAT, RD Leader)

Faculty researchers and personnel of the University of Eastern Philippines (UEP), Isabela State University – Smart Water Infrastructure Management (ISU – SWIM) Research and Development Center; and Agusan del Sur State College of Agriculture and Technology (ASSCAT) continued to undergo research capability development with their RD Leaders Dr. Rey Donne S. Papa; Dr. Guillermo Q. Tabios III; and Dr. Dixon T. Gevaña, respectively.

Since August 21, 2022, the said RD Leaders have gone to visit their respective host institutions to conduct various trainings and activities as part of their engagements under the RDLead program. Dr. Gevaña and the ASSCAT team met and worked face-to-face for the first time from August 21 – 26, 2022. Dr. Tabios, on the other hand, met and trained his mentees from ISU – SWIM Center from September 12 – 14, 2022. Lastly, Dr. Papa completed his first engagement visit at UEP from September 13 – 16, 2022.


Photo by: ASSCAT

Dr. Dixon T. Gevaña (RD Leader) with the participants from ASSCAT

Research Readiness Assessment, Harnessing Natural Ecosystems, and more…

During his first engagement visit at ASSCAT, Dr. Gevaña focused on completing his research readiness assessment work. He facilitated a workshop to gather additional information needed to properly assess ASSCAT’s readiness to pursue research and development. He looked at three aspects namely: manpower, infrastructure, and research policies. The assessment is aimed at generating actionable insights that can be used by ASSCAT in planning and allocating resources to support its researchers. In addition to the workshop, he also facilitated trainings on research management, proposal writing for external funding, and other specialized trainings aimed at harnessing natural ecosystems to address problems like climate change and food insecurity.


Photo by: ASSCAT

Dr. Dixon T. Gevaña with ASSCAT researchers during their site visit at Agusan Marsh.

Further, he also conducted consultations with researchers to help them get started in pursuing research as graduate students and as faculty researchers. He also joined the ASSCAT team in visiting one of their research areas in the Agusan Marsh to help them come up with more research ideas that can be pursued by ASSCAT to learn more about the Agusan Marsh, the largest in the Philippines. He concluded his visit on the 26th of August with a set MOA signing activity with ASSCAT at his home institution – University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) – targeted in September 2022.


Dr. Guillermo Tabios III, RD Leader of Isabela State University as he responds to queries of participants during his training.

Stakeholder engagement for a more holistic research approach

Dr. Tabios and the ISU – SWIM Center team organized a stakeholder’s forum from September 12 – 14, 2022 at the Cagayan State University (CSU) in Tuguegarao City. The face-to-face forum marked the 3rd time that Dr. Tabios met with the ISU – SWIM Center team. During the forum, the following activities were conducted: presentation of the NRCP Projects and Programs led by Dr. Marieta Bañez Sumagaysay, NRCP Executive Director; presentation of the draft roadmap of SWIM R&D Center followed by an open forum; and the training on policy brief development with presentation of outputs. The activities were attended by participants from the academe, government agencies, local government, and the private sector, which are all stakeholders in the current research projects conducted by the ISU – SWIM R&D Center.


Dr. Marieta Bañez Sumagaysay, NRCP Executive Director and RDLead Project Leader as she presents NRCP projects and programs to the participants from different institutions

The training on policy brief development is one of the several trainings outlined in the engagement of Dr. Tabios under the RDLead program. Prior to this, he already completed various technical trainings online with the participation of the researchers involved in the ISU – SWIM R&D Center. These trainings covered areas in hydrology and integrated water resources management, all geared towards providing the participants a holistic knowledge on conducting related to water resources management, one of the key thrusts of the ISU – SWIM R&D Center. The SWIM R&D Center in the second center of Isabela State University (ISU) funded under the Niche Centers in the Regions (NICER) of the Science for Change Program (S4CP) of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST).


Dr. Rey Donne S. Papa (RD Leader – seated center), Dr. Karina Cui-Lim (UEP Vice President for R&D, left) and Ms. Justine De Leon (CIP fellow at UST, right) with the participants from UEP as they wrap up the workshop and consultations that filled the day.

Pursuing research on pristine rivers

UEP RD Leader, Dr. Rey Donne S. Papa met with his mentees to pursue their face-to-face activities, particularly the conduct of a writeshop to develop a research program to pursue research on pristine river ecosystem in the island of Samar. His visit marked his first at UEP since being approved as its RD Leader. His engagement is aimed at enabling UEP to beef up its capabilities to pursue more research towards understanding and conserving the still pristine but vulnerable river systems in the island of Samar.

Apart from facilitating the writeshop to start developing the research program, he also conducted a training on policy brief development. The said training is aimed at enhancing the capabilities of the UEP researchers in translating results of the completed and ongoing studies into useable policy inputs for the utilization of concerned stakeholders like local government units, government agencies, and others.


3rd day RDLead-UEP engagement: Dr. Rey Donne S. Papa (RD Leader) and Ms. Rizza Cañon (RDLead) with the participants from UEP

Lastly, he also conducted consultative meetings with UEP researchers to help them enhance their manuscripts for submission to journals or conferences. After completing his first visit, he already scheduled the succeeding trainings and online interface that he will carry out to build on the face-to-face trainings and activities.

ASSCAT, ISU – SWIM R&D Center, and UEP are 3 of the 71 institutions currently supported by the RDLead with the engagement of 75 RD Leaders to date covering all the 17 regions in the country. The RDLead is one of the components of the Science for Change Program (S4CP) of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) geared towards developing research capabilities of higher education institutions (HEIs), research and development institutes (RDIs), and national government agencies (NGAs). It is being implemented by the National Research Council of the Philippines (NRCP).

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