Development of the Integrated Green Box (IGB) System before (2020) and after (2022)

The Eastern Visayas State University (EVSU) in Tacloban City, Leyte secured an approval for a PhP 21M grant from the provincial government of Leyte for the transfer and installation of the Integrated Green Box (IGB) system developed by EVSU. The development of the IGB system was further assisted by Dr. Argel A. Bandala, the RD Leader for EVSU. The IGB is a hydroponic system designed to provide food security during disaster. The system is housed in a used shipping container, which gives it portability and quick installation in times of need. This also makes it ideal to help remote communities grow and sell their own produce using more efficient methods.

Dr. Bandala helped the team behind the IGB system through his expertise on artificial intelligence and electronics. During his visit at EVSU in November 2020, the team presented the design and plan of the IGB to be set up. He reviewed the design and made some recommendations for a more efficient and effective operation of the IGB. On top of this and his other deliverables as RDLead, he also trained the EVSU researchers on various research tools and techniques, which enabled them to do learn more literature and explore ideas that can be incorporated in the design and operations of the IGB.


NRCP-RDLead team with Dr. Marieta Bañez Sumagaysay (NRCP Executive Director and RDLead project Leader),  Dr. Argel Bandala (RD Leader), Dr. Dennis C. De Paz (EVSU President), and Professors from EVSU and De la Salle State University

Through the grant, EVSU is tasked to transfer the technology to at least 7 (seven) municipalities in Leyte. This will involve the set up of the IGB and the training of the community personnel in the use and management of the system for a sustainable food production. Dr. Bandala was engaged under the RDLead program, implemented by the National Research Council of the Philippines (NRCP) to strengthen the research and development capabilities of EVSU faculty researchers, particularly in the College of Engineering. (Marfy H. Lita)

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