Division VI Chairpersons

Dr. O.L. Bondoc is Professor 12 of Animal Breeding/Genetics at the Animal and Dairy Sciences Cluster, College of Agriculture, University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB).

Dr. Bondoc has published more than 80 peer-reviewed articles in various local and international scientific journals on the design of animal breeding strategies, livestock genetic evaluations, and conservation of domestic animal genetic resources. He is the author of Biodiversity of Livestock and Poultry Genetic Resources in the Philippines (1998) and Animal Breeding: Principles and Practice in the Philippine Context (2008) - both books given the NAST Outstanding Book Award in 1999 and 2010, respectively. He just launched the book entitled “DNA Barcoding Livestock and Poultry Breeds and Strains: Going beyond taxonomic classifications” in 2013.

His significant contributions to animal breeding/genetics earned him the Outstanding Young Scientist Award (1997), The Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) of the Philippines (2003), and NRCP Achievement Award for Agriculture and Forestry (2007). He is also winner of numerous best paper and academic awards from the Philippine Society of Animal Science, UP System, DA, and DOST.