Division I Chairpersons

Dr. Epifania V. Tabbada is the present ICCT Colleges Foundation  Academic Consultant and acting Dean of the College of Education.  At the same time she is apart time lecturer at the Graduate School of Centro Escolar University.  Dr. Tabbada served as Dean of the College of Education and Director of the Center of Excellence at the Technological Institute of the Philippines for eight years, after retiring from the Philippine Normal University where she served as Acting Dean of the Graduate School as her last assignment.

Dr. Tabbada has been awarded as Outstanding teacher of Metro Bank in 1997 and Achievement Award by the National Research Council of the Philippines in 2003, where she serves as Chair of Division I.She was also awarded as Distinguished Alumni of the Philippine Normal University and Araullo High School. She served as the secretary of the Catholic Women’s League of Archdiocese of Manila and a board member at present.

Dr. Tabbada served as international Consultant under the Asia Foundation in Indonesia, a Book writer/consultant in Cambodia under a UNESCO project, in Bangladesh and  Indonesia as Curriculum consultant  under Asian Development Bank projects.

She also conducted several training programs at international, national, and institutional levels in Technology and Livelihood Education, Curriculum development and Home Economics. She has written series of textbooks in Technology and Livelihood Education and Home Economics both in the secondary and elementary levels.