Research Council names first 2022 NRCP Gabay Awardees

The National Research Council of the Philippines (NRCP) named its very first set of NRCP Gabay Awardees who will be honored during the Council’s 89th Founding Anniversary Celebration on December 5, 2022 at the Bayleaf Hotel in Intramuros, Manila.

The NRCP Gabay Award is NRCP’s newest recognition system given to active members whose research works have resulted or translated to adopted technologies and policies or have informed policy decisions (e.g. adopted or commercialized technologies; models and data analytics that have been adopted or used for decision making by different levels of the government; research recommendations adopted to become resolutions or municipal ordinances).

Over 50 entries from the different NRCP scientific Divisions were screened for this year’s search; but the judges have narrowed the list down to five outstanding contributions.

The following are the 2022 NRCP Gabay Awardees:

Dr. Maria Nilda M. Muñozp1

Division of Medical Sciences 


Commercialized Technology: “Sunberry (Bignay) Food Supplement.

Bignay has been discovered to have a number of health benefits, including nutritional and therapeutic value. Using animal models of respiratory disease, Bignay has shown to be a powerful anti-inflammatory agent and is beneficial against lung inflammation such as asthma, allergies, and cough/colds. Rodents with chemically-induced diabetes, gout and rheumatoid arthritis respond well to Bignay.

Dr.  Muñoz’s commercialized technology has made Bignay a trustworthy source of beneficial human health supplement because of its affordability and accessibility for the greater population.

She is a scientist-in-residence at the De La Salle University Manila.

DR. Hene L. Hapinatp6

Division of Biological Sciences

Adopted Policy: “Wastes Analysis and Characterization Study (WACS): Measures Towards Effective Municipal Wastes Management in Batad, Iloilo, Philippines”

Dr. Hapinat’s work has resulted to a policy now adopted by Batad, Iloilo towards  improving the solid waste reduction measures of the municipality. The Waste Analysis and Characterization Study (WACS) has become instrumental in the effective solid waste of Batad which is now reaping benefits from the study’s recommendations such as intensification of the campaign on Segregation at Source through Education and Information Drive of both the RDE of the College and the LGU; enforcement through penalties (ordinances) to those violators of laws and giving of incentives to barangays with high level of compliance; develop technology (through RDE of the College) to process recyclable wastes into useful products as income generating project; and improvement of the Vermicomposting Project of the Northern Iloilo Polytechnic State College in partnership with the LGU.

Dr. Hapinat is a Professor at the Northern Iloilo Polytechnic State College.

DR. Julito C. Aligaenp2

Division of Agriculture and Forestry

Adopted Knowledge Products: “Organic Agriculture Integration in Basic Education Curriculum (K-12).”

Dr. Aligaen’s outstanding work contributed to improving education that promotes inclusive development through the creation of an analytical tool, “Organic Agriculture Integration in Basic Education.” This technological system serves as input to realign learning system (creating education policy) to be founded in the basic concept of food security and environmental sustainability.

This knowledge product is now being adopted as part of the basic education curriculum by Asuncion National High School in Davao del Norte.

Dr. Aligaen is currently Associate Professor at the Iloilo Science and Technology University- Leon Campus.

Dr. Neil Stephen O. Lopez and Research Teamp4

Division of Engineering and Industrial Research

Adopted policy analysis: Philippine Electric Vehicle Policy Analysis


Dr. Lopez and research team* produced the country’s evidence-based electric vehicle policy through the comprehensive Electric Vehicle Policy Analysis Report. The report tackles various issues related to electric vehicle adoption in the country, including but not limited to human resources, economic impacts, grid implications, demand projections, and environmental impacts. This endeavor was through the support and guidance of the Department of Trade and Industry, funding from Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, and collaboration with various researchers from De La Salle University, Ateneo de Manila University, University of the Philippines, Mapua University, and Technological University of the Philippines. Members of the research team who are also members of NRCP are Jose Bienvenido Manuel M. Biona as the  Program Leader from the De La Salle University (DLSU); Aristotle T. Ubando – DLSU; Ivan Henderson V. Gue – DLSU;  Carlos M. Oppus  - Ateneo de Manila University;  Teodinis P. Garcia – Technological University of the Philippines (TUP); Nenet C. Graza  - TUP;  Carlos E. Zapanta - TUP

Elexis E. Lauzon – TUP; Jennifer P. Alinsunod – TUP; and Lean Karlo S. Tolentino – TUP.





Mr. Jame Monren Mercadop5

Division of Social Sciences

Adopted policy researches: (1) Ormoc Cultural Heritage Mapping Continuing Projects: Ormoc City Sustainable Tourism Development Plan, City Government of Ormoc, Leyte and Ormoc Festival and Cultural Foundation, Inc.; (2) Food Mapping Project for Provinces of Pampanga and Bulacan, Department of Tourism Region III; and (3) San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte Sustainable Tourism and Strategic Development Plan 2021-2025, Municipal Government of San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte.”

Dr. Mercado’s work on Ormoc Cultural Heritage Mapping has been used as basis for the development of the Ormoc City Sustainable Tourism Development Plan 2018-2022, a

five (5)-year program on how to sustainably develop and conserve/safeguard the natural and cultural properties of Ormoc City.

The Food Mapping Project for the Provinces of Pampanga and Bulacan, on the other hand, has been adopted by the provinces’ Municipal Tourism Officers who gave lectures to the communities titled:  Kumare, Anung Pagkain Niyo?: Mapping Template for Culinary Heritage; and Huwag Munang Takpan at Mapapanis!: The Context of Culinary Safeguarding Dimensions.

Lastly, the San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte Sustainable Tourism and Strategic Development Plan 2021-2025 was developed in partnership with the Department of Tourism Region III which geared towards sustainable tourism and strategic development plan for the Municipality of San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte based on the area’s cultural and heritage values, the guidelines, and protocols on sustainable tourism development for LGUs, and the standardized new normal provisions for tourism establishments.

Dr. Mercado is professor at the Department of Tourism Management, University of Santo Tomas

The five honorees will receive cash prize and a certificate of recognition. (Mary Charlotte Fresco, NRCP-RDMD)


Dr. Jomar F. Rabajante, National Research Council of the Philippines (NRCP) member of Division of Mathematical Sciences, presents the gender specific dashboard during the 6th National R&D Conference (NRDC) on November 17, 2021 via online.

Dr. Rowena Cristina L. Guevara

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