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General Provision

Master’s thesis and doctoral dissertation are grants extended to institutions, instead of extending them to grantees, as provided for the contract.

Application Requirements

The applicant shall be a recognized college or university in the Philippines, represented by the Dean or Director of the graduate school or appropriate college requesting in behalf of its specific students who are undertaking master’s thesis/doctoral dissertation.

The application shall be addressed to the President of the NRCP at Bicutan, Taguig, Metro Manila. It shall be accompanied with an outline of his master’s thesis/doctoral dissertation approved by the student’s adviser and endorsed by the Dean of the graduate school or appropriate college. It must categorically state what other grants of assistance are being received or expected to be received for the thesis/dissertation from other agencies.

At the date if application, the student must be formally registered for his thesis/dissertation. An MA candidate must have satisfactorily completed 50% of course work; and Ph.D. candidate must have advanced candidacy. All applications will be considered by the Governing Board at the beginning of each semester of the school year.

Duration of Grants

The master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation shall be completed with in a period of two (2) years and three (3) years, respectively. The grantee shall commence upon approval of the application. Request for extension beyond the prescribed number of years, if justified, may be approved on a case to case basis, but in no case shall additional funding be granted, nor shall the extension exceed one year from the expiration of the contract.

Disposition of Financial Grants

A grant of PhP15,000.00 for doctoral dissertation and PhP10,000.00 for master’s thesis, respectively, shall be provided. A lower amount shall be provided if the student is a recipient of dissertation/thesis support from other agencies as reflected in the application form.

The grant shall be spent only to defray actual expenses incurred in the prosecution of the thesis/dissertation such as experimental materials, supplies, typing and binding services.

No part of the grant shall be spent for salaries, honoraria, allowances, renumeration of compensation in any form for the grantee, adviser, consultant or any other person. Transportation expenses may be allowed only on a case to case basis.

Seventy-five (75%) percent of the outright grant shall be released upon the approval of the application with no receipts required. The last twenty-five (25%) percent of the grant shall be released only upon the submission of the cloth-bound thesis/dissertation.

Liquidation of cash advance shall be in accordance with accounting and auditing procedures.

Prerogatives of the Grantor (NRCP)

A regular member of the NRCP appointed by the President of the Council, with the approval of the dean/faculty adviser of the graduate school, shall represent the NRCP in the examination panel without the right to vote

The financial assistance of the NRCP should be acknowledged. It is the Council’s policy that the submission of a publishable thesis or dissertation paper is substantially in compliance with the conditions stipulated in the Contract of Assistance.

Download Form | PDF | Word Format |

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