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Ms. Elanor O. Bayten receiving the certificate as paper presenter during the IHERF 2016.

The paper titled Academic Experience of Poor Teacher Education Students, co-authored by Dr. Wilma S. Reyes, Dr. Teresita T. Rungduin, Dr. Adonis P. David, and Ms. Elanor O. Bayten, won the Best Research Paper Award during the recently concluded 2016 International Higher Education Research Forum at Tagaytay International Convention Center in Tagaytay City held on 14-17 September 2016, with the theme “Realizing the Future Through Responsive Research Innovation in Higher Education”. Presented by Ms. Bayten, the paper was based on the findings of the ongoing research project Development of Innovative Pedagogies for Poor Students funded by the National Research Council of the Philippines (NRCP). The project is headed as Program Leader by Dr. Wilma S. Reyes, Vice President for Research, Planning, and Quality Assurance of the Philippine Normal University where the 3 other members of the research team are faculty members.

Ms. Bayten received the award, a Certificate of Recognition in the name of the research team and P5,000 in cash.

With a duration of 1-1/2 years from 1 September 2015 to 28 February 2017, the project had its funding renewal for the remaining 6 months. The project received a GIA grant from NRCP in the total amount of P1,355,689.10 as a component project covered by the research program Education Models for Inclusive Development and Innovation Towards Social Transformation.   

The project is a two-phase research study on the academic experience of poor teacher education students. The first phase is a phenomenological study which aimed to describe the lived experience of a select group of poor teacher education students. It attempted to answer the central question: What characterizes the academic experience of poor teacher education students? Qualitative data gathering was made through interview and focus group discussion. Data analysis resulted to the identification of the CPR dimensions and sub-dimensions which describe the academic experience of the participants. The CPR dimensions refer to the identified major dimensions of the students’ academic experience, namely: contextual, personal, and relational. Each of these dimensions consists of sub-dimensions and core experiences that collectively describe and characterize the academic experience of teacher education students living in poverty and affirm the centrality of contexts, motivations, adaptive strategies, and social relations in their academic life. The identified CPR dimensions will serve as grounding framework for the second phase of the research which aims to design and develop innovative pedagogical approaches or strategies for students living in poverty.

The award, through a Certificate of Recognition and P5,000 in cash, was received by Ms. Bayten along with the other members of the research team, namely: Dr. Wilma S. Reyes, Dr. Teresita T. Rungduin, and Dr. Adonis P. David.


From right to left: Dr. Adonis P. David, Dr. Teresita T. Rungduin, Dr. Wilma S. Reyes & Ms. Elanor O. Bayten.


Ms. Elanor O. Bayten and Dr. Wilma S. Reyes showing the certificate received from the paper presentation.

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