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The recipients of 2016 NRCP Awards and their respective division chairs during the Awards Ceremony. Also in the photo are NRCP Executive Director Marieta Bañez Sumagaygay (6th from left), NRCP President and National Scientist Edgardo D. Gomez (center), and DOST Undersecretary for Scientific and Technological Services Carol M. Yorobe (7th from right). Photo source: DOST-Science and Technology Information Institute.

The National Research Council of the Philippines (NRCP) named 12 researchers and two research centers as the recipients of 2016 NRCP Awards during its Annual Scientific Conference and 84th General Membership Assembly on March 22, 2017 at the Philippine International Convention Center, Pasay City.

Eleven awardees were conferred the NRCP Achievement Award, the highest recognition bestowed by the Council on its members whose works greatly contributed to the advancement of their respective fields of expertise and responded to the needs and challenges of various industries.

One awardee was conferred the NRCP Member Emeritus Award which is given in recognition of the member’s distinguished lifetime accomplishments in research and for mentoring younger scientists and researchers.

Moreover, two research centers received the Outstanding Institution Award, which is given to institutions in recognition of their dedicated support and initiatives contributing to the advancement of basic sciences, the humanities, and the arts in the country.

The 11 recipients of the 2016 NRCP Achievement Award are the following:


Dr. Socorro E. Aguja, De La Salle Araneta University
NRCP Division of Governmental, Educational and International Policies

Dr. Aguja was recognized for her contributions to science education, environmental studies, human capital development and citriculture, as well as her active involvement in science education, teacher mentorship, and educational action research.

Dr. Godofreda R. Vergeire-Dalmacion, University of the Philippines Manila
NRCP Division of Medical Sciences

Dr. Dalmacion is a recognized expert in pharmacoepidemiology, pharmacovigilance, and maternal health care. She served in various key positions relative to food and drugs at the national level.


Dr. Jovencio G. Apostol, University of Santo Tomas
NRCP Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr. Apostol was recognized for his pioneering research on natural products, and a respected researcher in the fields of vascular pharmacology, toxicology, pharmacogenomics, pharmacy education, and clinical pharmacy.


Dr. Dionisio G. Alvindia, Philippine Center for Postharvest Development and Mechanization
NRCP Division of Biological Sciences

Dr. Alvindia was recognized for his development of natural and cost-effective biofungicides for banana, mango, and other important tropical crops. The technologies he developed help to cut down the industry’s and country’s reliance on harmful pesticides.


Dr. Danilda Hufana-Duran, Philippine Carabao Center
NRCP Division of Agriculture and Forestry

Dr. Duran was known for the development and use of advanced reproductive biotechnologies and world-class laboratory standards and protocols for the production of genetically superior water buffaloes.


Dr. Kathleen B. Aviso, De La Salle University
NRCP Division of Engineering and Industrial Research

Dr. Aviso is a known expert in development of modelling techniques for the design and planning of eco-industrial and energy systems.

Dr. Alfredo C. Robles, Jr., De La Salle University (ret.)
NRCP Division of Social Sciences

Dr. Robles is a distinguished educator and known for his widely published scholarly work on ASEAN-EU relations and on the ASEM (Asia-Europe Meeting) process, characterized by its retrospective and prospective focus, its rigorous and synthetic theoretical approaches, and its broad empirical scope in terms of sources and languages.

Dr. Jose Perico H. Esguerra, University of the Philippines Diliman
NRCP Division of Physics

Dr. Esguerra was recognized for his important contributions to the statistical mechanics of self-gravitating systems, random walks, Brownian motion, and first passage processes, applications of fractional calculus in physics, and mathematical methods for nonlinear and quantum systems; his two decades of mentoring students and professionals in Physics, and his mentorship of Philippine teams in international Olympiads.


Dr. Annabelle V. Briones, DOST-Industrial Technology Development Institute
NRCP Division of Chemical Sciences

Dr. Briones was known for her studies on various innovative techniques on the use of carrageenan for an array of industrial and health applications; indigenous sources for new products; and her initiatives on the development of DOST Mosquito Ovi/Larvicidal Trap System.

Dr. Carlos Primo C. David, DOST-Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development
NRCP Division of Earth and Space Sciences

Dr. David was recognized for his pioneering contributions in short-term rainfall forecasting in the Philippines as well as scholarly works on hydrology, climate change and environmental geology; active participation in climate change-related researches focusing on water resources; and service to youth education and the scientific community.


Dr. Claro N. Mingala, Philippine Carabao Center
Division of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Mingala in known for his contributions in the fields of veterinary immunology, microbiology, molecular biology, and public  health; as well as development of DNA-based and rapid diagnostic tools for economically-important animal diseases.


The following are the recipients of the NRCP Member Emeritus Award and the Outstanding Institution Award in respective order:


Dr. Resil B. Mojares, University of San Carlos (ret.)

Dr. Mojares is a distinguished writer, critic, and cultural researcher, with exemplary scholarship reflected in his incisive works on literary criticism, local and national history, urban and rural history, and political biography; and an advocate of Cebuano socio-cultural studies.


Cebuano Studies Center – University of San Carlos

The Center has supported and promoted studies in the humanities and social sciences, especially Cebuano culture and arts; housing rich collections on the humanities and social sciences, and facilitating research among scholars here and abroad; and actively enhancing cultural awareness and collaborative work among the academe, the community, and the government.

University of the Philippines Los Baños-Postharvest Horticulture Training and Research Center

The Center was recognized for its comprehensive research and extension program on postharvest science and technology of perishable tropical crops; having trained pioneering research and extension personnel who have trail-blazed postharvest development not only in the Philippines but the ASEAN region; and its very active role development of useful technologies for the horticulture industry.

The awardees of the NRCP Achievement Award received a plaque of recognition, a medallion and a cash prize of P25,000. The NRCP Member Emeritus awardee received a plaque of recognition and a medallion; the Outstanding Institution Awardees, which were represented by the respective centers’ heads – Dr. Hope Sabanpan-Yu and Dr. Elda B. Esguerra, received a plaque of recognition. (Written by Mary Charlotte O. Fresco, with inputs from Mr. George Robert Valencia III)

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